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"Dear Genius Maniac! I think these are PERFECT!" - Julie Heller, HELLER Studio

"Danny is the best." - Mark Dickmann, MD Productions

"We presented images to the CEO today and she loved everything! So all of the images that you have retouched are approved – thanks for all your beautiful work!" - Lisa Ponder, Caleres

"Beautiful!!! Very very nice work. Done and approved. A wonderful way to start the weekend. Thank you." - Jeff Skubic, Osborn Barr

"Everything looks stellar! Seriously." - Annie Martineau, Caleres

"Having you on this project was just a God-send!!!!  And don't worry – there will be more!" - Jenny Vatterot, Osborn Barr

"You do great work! I've really been impressed throughout this whole process. Thanks for making my job easier." - Melissa Albers, ProWolfe Partners

"If you are familiar with writing a recommendation on LinkedIn, you know about picking only three of seven attributes to best describe the person. Danny deserves high marks in all seven areas. He's a great person, talented expert, and follows through with more than ever asked. You'll give him a project, and he'll come back with a superlative product that will make YOU look like a genius. You can't pay enough for that." - Steve Hartman, Creativille

"Thank you for all your work and great attitude. This whole process has been exceptional, but you really pulled it together for us." - Paul Scherfling, Kibu Obata

"As if producing great-printing, beautiful work weren't enough, Pixelography is one of the most honest, straightforward companies I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Quite simply, my single most reliable resource. Period." - Scott Melton, Executive Creative Director

"It’s been so great working with you – I’m so glad that we had the opportunity and you better believe that I’ll be on the lookout for future projects as well." - Cheryl Sparks, Rodgers Townsend

"Danny is my favorite new piece of "gear." - Gregg Goldman, Photographer

"Danny at Pixelography is as professional and talented as any I've ever worked with." - Mark Chila, Art Director

"It's perfect and I cannot wait to get digital files in my hands. You rock." - Rob Grimm, Photographer

"Thanks again for all your great work. It made all the difference." - Elizabeth Azen, Designer

"The shots that you've worked on look great." - Ron, Creative Director

"Awesome! COWABUNGA dude!" - Erick, Art Director

"Dude, how !@#$*&% awesome does that look! Holy &@#$!!!!!" - Mike Speckhard, Photographer